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Heat Exchangers Service


Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers Cleaning Service

Cleaning service is available for PFHE only. Usually cleaning required after 3-5 years.



Gaskets getting old, rubber material loses its elasticity and leakage appears. (Pictures below: 5 years old gaskets)











After several years of exploitation HE collects a lot of build up/mud inside. Scale/mud block flow and outgoing pressure goes down. Result - all system looses performance or stops working at all. (Picture below: before and after)




No service provided. 10 years old plates. In this case we have to change all plates. Project cost flies up... thrice more comparing to regular cleaning and gasket change service cost. Order service ON TIME!!! (See underserviced PFHE conditions)





1) our specialists check overall HE conditions. 

  • Option 1: no service required.
  • Option 2: regular service required according to the Maintenance Schedule.
  • Option 3: rush service required because of leakage or clogging.  

2)  detailed info is being picked up. (Manufacturer, HE type and name, production date, date of exploitation began, parts list required)

3) we order parts from supplier (usually – gaskets, in the worst cases - plates and gaskets)

4) when parts arrived, we open HE, take plates out for cleaning and regasketing. Time required depends on plate quantity and HE size. Easy to guess that large PFHE with 100 plates and 600 sq. f. of working area takes more time than small unit with 20 plates 2 sq.f. each. Usually 1 week for large units with regular “mud off” cleaning.

5) reassembly and starting up. One day required.