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Heat Exchangers Selection


The best way to make right selection thru all variety of HE is to follow next procedure:

First step: information pick up. Please send us next data:

1)      General application description (SAMPLE: “Snow melting”, “evaporator 5RT for conditioner”, “yacht on board hot water”)

2)      Working liquids/gas with concentration (SAMPLE: Ethylene Glycol 50% and DCW water)

3)      Temperatures, inlet and outlet for side 1, same for side 2. (SAMPLE: Glycol: 35F in 50F out, water: 70F in 55F out from HE)

4)      Pressure drop you wish not to exceed for both sides and working pressure for both sides (SAMPLE: pressure drop minimal, preferable no more than 5 PSI, working pressure – 30 PSI side 1, 120 Psi – side 2)

5)      BTUh (kWth) rating (SAMPLE: 200kBTU required)

Usually customer doesn’t have all data – so, please send as much as possible.

Next step: computer sizing. Based on data provided we do selection using special computer soft. Software generates some options. Sometimes only one HE is usable.  Then we contact customer and make selection together. Some options are optimized for lowest pressure drop, some – based on efficiency, some ones – based on connector size.

Last step: purchasing process.  Two options are available:

  • E-bay store.  Required unit is being placed to e-bay store if it wasn’t listed before. Or course you can use our e-bay store if you feel comfortable enough to do selection yourself. 
  • Regular process:  PO from customer to SERG Com → Prepay 100% (Via PayPal or cheque for first time buyers) → Shipping → Payment (For registered or well known partners)

More information about BPHE including blue prints and Selection Guides is available on our Library / Download page