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General Information About Heat Exchangers

General Information About Heat Exchangers

Our industrial service department specializes on heat exchangers sales and service. There are two major types of heat exchangers involved (HE): Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers (BPHE) and Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers (PFHE).



  • Single wall HE – regular product for regular applications. Includes liquid to liquid units with threaded connections, evaporators/condensers with soldering connections for refrigerant use 













  • Double wall HE – special  product for drinking water/domestic water applications where no chance of liquids contamination is allowed (Mandatory in some US states or Canadian provinces - check local Code). Also used in extreme conditions – for high and peak pressures when pressure jump is possible  














BPHE NAME presents some coded information:

BL – means “Brazed plate”, next two digits show heat exchange area per 1 plate, next two digits show plate quantity.  SAMPLE: BL14-10. Meaning: brazed plate heat exchanger, 0.014 m², 10 plates.( Total heat exchange area – 0.014*10=0.14 m²)

Index DW means “Double wall”. SAMPLE: BL32DW-40. Meaning: double wall brazed plate heat exchanger, 0.032 m² per plate, 40 plates. (Total area:  0.032*40=1.28 m²)

R in the end means HE with soldering connections for one side – for refrigerant use. (SAMPLE: BL50-22R. Means: brazed plate unit, 0.05 m² per plate, 22 plates, with one side soldering connections for refrigerant)

“R - units” always have wider connection for water side (1-1/4’’ NPT)

"C - units" - condensers

The rest of special marks don’t have relation to selection. They are no more than technical marks for production purposes.



Compact class: BL14, BL14DW and BL20 all units have 3/4’’ NPT connections. 100 plates max.

Medium class:  BL26, BL32DW – 1’’ NPT connections, BL30 – 1-1/4’’ NPT connections. 100 plates max

Medium long : BL50 – 1’’ NPT. 100 plates max

Large: BL95, BL100, BL200 (2’’ NPT or specific pre-ordered connection type) 200 plates max



We sell parts only and provide cleaning service

  • Plates – Stainless Steel 316 or 304 for regular applications, Titanium – for sea water or pool applications. For all manufacturers.
  • Gaskets – NBR rubber for temperatures under 110°C, EPDM rubber for temperatures under 160°C. For all manufacturers.
  • Service – usually required after 3-5 years. More about HE service